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As 13 Landia Chopper Pumps approach a decade of service, an additional three stainless steel Landia units have now been introduced at the Dalian Xiajiahe Sludge Treatment Project.

In einem Hagener Regen-Rückhaltebecken kam es nach starken Regenfällen häufig zu verstopften Pumpen. Die Pumpen konnten die Menge an Abfällen im Wasser nicht mehr bewältigen.

Equipped with this new system, the trawler will be able to produce large amounts of fish silage.

Landia silage tank ensures efficient shredding and circulation.

Biogasgewinnung: Drei bis fünf Prozent höherer Methangehalt durch verbesserte Desintegration von Zellstoffen und Gas-Rezirkulation

Hygieneartikel, textiles Toilettenpapier und eine geringe Spülwassermenge: Diese Kombination führte bei Regentagen zu Verstopfungen der Entleerungs- und Resteentleerungspumpen.

Over a decade on from an installation at a major wastewater treatment plant in Kansas, leading pump and mixer manufacturer Landia has once again demonstrated the longevity of its equipment...

Mixers and pumps made by Whitchurch-based Landia are playing a vital role in the success of the Bygrave Lodge AD plant in Hertfordshire...

A piped digester mixing system that utilises pumps made by Landia is helping Biogen with its successful new £5M food waste...

A major university in Washington State that came close to sewage overflows is back on track thanks to the intervention of Mitchell, Lewis & Staver and a Landia chopper pump.

New 6” Chopper Pumps designed and manufactured by Landia are helping Thames Water improve its handling of stormwater at East Hyde sewage treatment works near Luton.

A Landia chopper pump is keeping control of slurry at one of the UK’s leading livestock markets.

“After 21 years, one of our Landia slurry pumps actually got to see daylight” - so said Chris Carter at Strathyre Farm near Preston...

Pumps and mixers from Landia UK, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014, are helping Grosvenor Farms to efficiently and effectively process its slurry.

Homework has paid off for dairy farmer James Kennedy in Co Tipperary, where a longshaft slurry pump and mixer from Landia have completed their first five years of service.

Vertikale Durchmischung sorgt für elf Prozent höhere Biogasausbeute bei Abfällen aus der Landwirtschaft

Landia GasMix' externally-mounted digester mixing system in Tullamore, home of the celebrated Irish whiskey, Tullamore Dew.

Cory Environmental are one of the UK's leading recycling, waste management and energy recovery companies, has unveiled its first anaerobic digestion facility.

Im April 2014 hat Landia ein Landia-GasMix-System an das Bioenergy Research Institut, Nanjing University of Technology in China geliefert

Biogas Energy have built an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility at North State Rendering that is already paying dividends, with uninterrupted biogas generating electricity, fuelling trucks and running boilers.

The Landia GasMix system is playing a leading role in significantly improving gas yields, eliminating downtime, improving maintenance and reducing health and safety risks.


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