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Special order for holiday resort

2 AXP-I 500 5,5 kW-400 rpm Recirculation Pumps for the holiday resort “Øer Maritime Ferieby” in  Ebeltoft.


During warm weather the resort has problems with algae in the basin.  The algae growth is caused by low water level and stagnant water.
The Recirculation Pumps are designed to make circulation in the water and in that way prevent algae growth.
The solution model is almost a copy of our Submersible Propeller Pump that is used in the farming business.
We are looking forward to experience the effect of the Recirculation Pumps.


Øer Maritime Ferieby – a unique holiday paradise
Øer Maritime Ferieby is located on 7 islands in a closed system of connected canals with bridges, port of call and anchorages for yachts that can access the marina via a sluice.